111 Kingtree Rd
Wellington Mills 6236 WA

Phone  +61 (0)897283050




KingTree Lodge is located approximately 38 km east of Bunbury, 28km south of Donnybrook , 34km west of Collie and 2km north of quirky Gnomesville. Guests can walk from the lodge to this bizarre destination and greet the little folk. Cheryl Rourke, your KingTree hostess, placed the second gnome at this village.

To reach KingTree Lodge from Perth, follow the Freeway South bound onto Forrest Highway south to a point approximately 15 km north of Bunbury, where Raymond Road is seen in your left. Take this road to the point where it meets the inland South West Highway, just north of Burekup. Turn right and proceed south on the inland highway, for about 5 km to the Waterloo-Dardanup Road to the left. Follow this road for 8 km, where it meets Ferguson Road at a T junction. (Kingtree Lodge is signposted at this point.) Proceed left on Ferguson Road, following the signs to KingTree.


Ferguson Valley

This scenic valley has rolling hills and stunning views. There is much to explore and enjoy. For an in-depth view as to possibilities please see–do.html




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